V.A. Promised land of heavy metal

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V.A. - Promised land of heavy metal
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The highly acclaimed documentary movie about Heavy Metal becoming a nationwide phenomenon in Finland! The Deluxe-Edition comes with exclusive 20-Track CD, enhanced 12-page booklet, subtitles in four languages etc.!

More info:

Promised Land of Heavy Metal is a HD TV feature documentary film about the history and philosophy of Heavy Metal and how it became such a big deal in a small country called Finland.
We tell the story of Finnish Metal, from it's early ?underground? days to the present success stories, by interviewing famous - and infamous - musicians, experts and events organizers, a psychiatrist, a priest and a doctor of theology. Can metal survive when it becomes mainstream, and Eurovision and Pop Idol competitions are won by metal? Metal has even entered the Finnish Lutheran church, that organizes metal masses.
The film includes all the big stars of Finnish Metal (HIM, Lordi, Sonata Arctica, Nightwish...) many international celebrities (Entombed SWEDEN, Dimmu Borgir NORWAY, Killswitch Engage USA, Carcass UK...) and finally Madam President of Finland, Tarja Halonen.
The film takes us - literally - from the graveyard to the Finnish President's palace!
"Promised Land of Heavy Metal" is narrated by Kimmo Kuusniemi, a filmmaker and forefather of Finnish Metal. After forming the pioneering metal band Sarcofagus Kuusniemi left his homeland 18 years ago despairing of it?s apathy towards the music he loves. Now based in Britain Kuusniemi sees the current popularity of Finnish Heavy Metal as a surprising phenomenon, after all he was the one fighting for the cause more than 30 years ago. And now, in "Promised Land of Heavy Metal", he sets out to discover what exactly happened to Metal in Finland while he was gone.
The documentary is entirely in English. It's co-produced by Finnish TV YLE.
The film has had great reviews and is well received and known all around the world.
The documentary was the first feature film available as an App for iPhones from the Apple Store (as noted by The Wall Street Journal USA).

Disc 1
Track list Total runtime
1 - Promised land of heavy metal (Film) 90:00
Disc 2
Track list Total runtime
1 - Hintrik's funeral march 2:44
2 - Insane rebels 5:35
3 - Truth of 1000 mega watts (Tuhannen megawatin totuus) 4:01
4 - Wings Of Darkness 3:22
5 - Helsinki 4:02
6 - Black metal sodomy 2:16
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