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Punk im Dschungel Doku inkl. CD-/5"Vinyl-Disc + Patch

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Punk im Dschungel - Doku inkl. CD-/5"Vinyl-Disc + Patch
  • DVD + CD - 6.99 EUR
  • Item number:150464
  • Version:DVD + CD
  • Genre:Punk/Hardcore
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Good old Punk band CLUSTER BOMB UNIT from south Germany ´s province is touring Southeast Asia and finds out that Punk is not dead yet at all! The 115 minutes lasting documentation comes out with bonus-CD and a 5 inch vinyl single on the other side (no April joke! – it ´s true!), as well as patch!

Disc 1
Track list Total runtime
1 - Punk Im Dschungel (from movie "PANG NAT DET")
2 - Cluster Bomb Unit (Live in Jakarta) (from movie "PANG NAT DET")
Disc 2
Track list Total runtime
1 - VKP (from movie "PANG NAT DET")
2 - Soldaten (from movie "PANG NAT DET")
3 - Manipuliert (from movie "PANG NAT DET")
4 - Selfrightous bastard (from movie "PANG NAT DET")
5 - Deathstorm aggressor (from movie "PANG NAT DET")
6 - Under surveillience ov ratts (from movie "PANG NAT DET")
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Disc 3
Track list Total runtime
1 - Coarse (from movie "PANG NAT DET")
2 - Genug ist genug (from movie "PANG NAT DET")
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