RHAPSODY, LUCA TURILLI'S Prometheus: The dolby atmos experience

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RHAPSODY, LUCA TURILLI'S - Prometheus: The dolby atmos experience
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The latest album of Luca Turilli's RHAPSODY, »Prometheus, Symphonia Ignis Divinus«, was chosen to be the first studio album in music history to be remixed in Dolby Atmos. Renowned producer/mixing engineer Chris Heil (DAVID BOWIE, BRYAN ADAMS, SCORPIONS) mixed the entire masterpiece in Dolby Atmos - the mindblowing result will be submitted for the 2017 Grammy nominations. Includes two live discs!

From the press:

But what actually is Dolby Atmos? Cinemas discovered this new format and integrated loud speakers in their ceilings to place the listener into an 'acoustic honeycomb´.
"This novelty has now reached the home technology and we at Yamaha wanted to support the project of Luca Turilli's RHAPSODY with an audio-bluray-disc in Dolby Atmos“, Michael Geise from Yamaha explains. "It's a very thrilling challenge and makes this release a vivid and new experience. And since we are always looking for new contents, the cooperation with Luca Turilli was a great idea for us. Dolby Atmos is already included in our receivers and the customer can immediately use it - but so far only few releases support this new format and usually it is only available for films, not for music blurays. But now it is and we created a medium that could easily bring instruments to life, without any artifical effects. We had the know-how to turn this performance into a real live experience with our loudspeakers, receivers and the new sound bar that brings the musicians almost right into everyone's living room!"

Disc 1
Track list Total runtime
1 - Prometheus: The Dolby Atmos Experience 67:00
Disc 2
Track list Total runtime
1 - Nova genesis 3:34
2 - Il cigno nero 4:11
3 - Rosenkreuz (The rose and the cross) 4:55
4 - Land of immortals 4:56
5 - Aenigma 1:31
6 - War of the universe 4:40
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Disc 3
Track list Total runtime
1 - The astral convergence 2:14
2 - The pride of the tyrant 4:55
3 - Tormento e passione 4:42
4 - Demonheart 5:24
5 - Bass solo 2:22
6 - Warrior of ice 6:09
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