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EQUILIBRIUM - Waldschrein
  • Mini-CD-Digi - 6.66 EUR
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  • Genre:Viking/Pagan/Epic Metal
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The limited mini album is released as digipak format!

More info:

Epic Metal made in Germany: melodic, brutal, experimental and highly entertaining – that’s what Bavarian five-piece EQUILIBRIUM has been standing for for twelve years now. Initially founded as a quartet and for one show only in 2001, the southern Germans instantly knew how to enthral the local metal scene, so that it was impossible to think of disbandment. The first demo release in 2003 was followed by the debut album »Turis Fratyr« (2005) and the highly praised Nuclear Blast debut »Sagas« (2008) as well as by the latest work of splendour »Rekreatur« (2010). However, even though EQUILIBRIUM subsequently favoured their followers with various live appearances all over Europe, the Munich-based metallers left their fans high and dry as far as new delicacies from the studio were concerned.

Now the barren spell is finally drawing to a close! In August, EQUILIBRIUM will unleash their pagan fury once again – on their very first EP to date. Produced by guitarist René Berthiaume in Helion Studios and mixed and mastered by the Resetti Brothers – namely Joerg Umbreit and Vincent Sorg – in their Principal Studios, »Waldschrein« encompasses the brand-new title track and an acoustic version of the same song plus a re-recorded and extended version of `Der Sturm´ from »Turis Fratyr« (originally sung by ex-vocalist Helge Stange, now by front man Robse Dahn). Moreover, it contains `Zwergenhammer´- a previously unreleased older song – as well as an amazing cover version of famous video game “Skyrim”’s opening theme. Equip yourselves with plenty of ice-cold wheat beer, for »Waldschrein« is gonna bring you one hell of a hot summer!

Track list
01. Waldschrein
02. Der Sturm
03. Zwergenhammer
04. Himmelsrand
05. Waldschrein (acoustic version)
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