EISREGEN Satan liebt Dich

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EISREGEN - Satan liebt Dich
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  • Genre:Black Metal, Death Metal
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EISREGEN present their new EP "Satan liebt dich" with seven previously unreleased songs, including a song about the German serial killer Fritz Haarmann in two different versions and a PUNGENT STENCH cover version by EISREGEN as well as an EISREGEN cover version by Martin Schirenc.

Track list
1. Fahlmondmörder
2. Satan liebt dich
3. Onkel Fritze
4. Menschenmetzger Fritz (Transilvanian Beef Club)
5. For God your soul (PUNGENT STENCH Cover)
6. Mein Eichensarg (SCHIRENC plays EISREGEN)
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