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ATROCITY Masters of darkness

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ATROCITY - Masters of darkness
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ATROCITY take no prisoners: The band's new 4-song EP in digipak format "Masters of darkness" is brutal, bombastic and dark! Besides all harshness and bombast, ATROCITY once again prove their excellent sense for very good, catchy songs!

More info:

Der Tod ist ein Meister aus Deutschland! (Death is a master from Germany)

ATROCITY, one of Germany’s most successful metal bands, was formed in 1985 and is one of the most experimental and diverse musical acts in the history of metal! They have always found the courage to explore uncharted territories, while delivering top-notch productions. One such production was their fulllength release, "Werk 80 II", which entered the top 20 of the German Media Control Charts.
Within their career, the band already traveled through 5 continents, over 50 countries and played hundreds of concerts. With "Okkult" (2013) they started a very special album trilogy, as it has not been seen before in the metal scene! After their "Okkult" world tour, ATROCITY re-signed with Massacre Records. The German metal flagship is back with a vengeance!

Musically, no prisoners will be taken: "Masters Of Darkness" is brutal, bombastic and dark! The new impressive EP is the perfect harbinger of the upcoming album "Okkult II", which will be released in 2018 via Massacre Records worldwide!
Fans of harder ATROCITY material like the first "Okkult" album or the death metal classics "Hallucinations", "Todessehnsucht", "Blut" or "Atlantis" will surely be delighted with the new EP!
Once again ATROCITY showcase an enormous range, and deliver a very powerful, homogeneous and atmospheric production with big choirs and brutal metal songs, which will get under your skin!
The overall sound is perfectly harmonized. The brilliant production by ATROCITY front man and metal producer Alex Krull (Mastersound Studio) sounds intoxicating and gives the musical pieces the necessary energy, atmosphere and roughness to dive immediately into the lyrical concept.
The lyrics relate to occult magic, mysterious places and events, conspiracy theories and mysteries that are still unsolved. With "Menschenschlachthaus", ATROCITY releases another superb German metal song.
In keeping with the dark atmosphere, the band recruited the Canadian sound designer Katie Halliday. She worked for movies and TV series like "Saw V", "Saw VI", "Saw 3D (VII) ", "The Devil’s Carnival" and "Todd And The Book Of Pure Evil", and could already reap some awards for her work.
Besides all harshness and bombast ATROCITY once again show their excellent sense for very good, catchy songs!

Alexander Krull - Vocals
Thorsten Bauer - Guitars, Bass
Pete Streit - Guitars
Joris Nijenhuis - Drums

1989 Blue Blood (7"EP)
1990 Hallucinations
1992 Todessehnsucht
1994 Blut
1995 Calling The Rain (Mini Album)
1995 Die Liebe (Feat. Das Ich)
1996 Willenskraft
1996 The Hunt (EP)
1997 Shout (CDS)
1997 Tainted Love (CDS)
1997 Werk 80
1998 Das Letztes Mal (Club Promo) (CDS)
1999 Non Plus Ultra (1989-1999) (Compilation)
2000 Sound of Silence (Radio Promo) (CDS)
2000 Taste Of Sin (CDS)
2000 Gemini
2004 Cold Black Days (CDS)
2004 Atlantis
2008 Smalltown Boy (CDS)
2008 Werk 80 II
2010 After The Storm
2012 Die Gottlosen Jahre (DVD)
2013 Okkult
2017 Masters Of Darkness (EP/7"EP)

From the press:

It has been four long hard years since Germany's Atrocity issued "Okkult" and the wait for "Okkult II" has been nothing short of excruciating. With no disrespect to Alex Krull's other band Leaves' Eyes (your author enjoys the hell out of them), the success of that iconic symphonic metal band has taken away from the much longer established death metal institution. Seemingly out of the blue, Atrocity returns with a the EP "Masters of Darkness." While this is just a brief taste to carry Atrocity fans over, the strong desire for new material, combined with what is a total death metal assault is enough to satiate...for now.

When "Okkult" was released in 2013, it marked a heralded return to the straight up death metal style of old for Atrocity with throwbacks to the 1990 full length debut "Hallucinations," but more so 1994's "Blut," which remains your author's favorite (recalling having bought it in Frankfurt, Germany on release day in 1994). Alex Krull's deadly, but perfect death grunt annunciation, has placed him in the top ranks of the subgenre's best - along side Mark Jansen (Epica/MaYaN) and John Tardy (Obituary). What makes Krull stand out above them all in versatility along is his lessor known clean vocals. But I digress...

"Masters Of Darkness" continues the "Okkult" trend, a much more soundly produced effort than the band's older death metal masterpieces. With just a touch of symphony to highlight the brutality, judging by the album's 18 minutes of fury, the wait for "Okkult II" rises even more. With the prospects of a new Leaves' Eyes release in January 2018 and another lengthy tour cycle, that wait might be a bit longer. You certainly cannot fault the band for going with the money maker act.

With the typical serrated guitar tone of Toss the Boss - Thorsten Bauer and co-guitarist Pete Striet, "Masters Of Darkness" is a riff assault that will please any fan of well played death metal. One look at the cover artwork (by Stefan Heilemann who also created covers for all the recent Epica albums along with many others like Serenity's "Death & Legacy") and you would think Sodom changed its name, but that slight similarity carries in the music, especially with the song "Menschenschlachthaus," which could accidentally find its way onto "Persecution Mania." Well placed pauses in the chorus, shrouded by extremely well produced old school death, the song is one of the best of the release. However, the title of best of the EP goes to "Devil's Covenant," which already stands along side with Atrocity classics of all time.

Produced perfectly by Krull at Mastersound Studios, "Masters of Darkness" is just a mere taste of what is hopefully coming soon with "Okkult II." With Leaves' Eyes' success in recent years, sadly Atrocity has been downshifted, but for good business reasons. Oddly, the lack of Atrocity only heightens the beauty of new material when it finally comes out and "Masters of Darkness" is the perfect remedy to a tiresome wait. The only complaint is lack of more material.
9/10 HAILS (Carl Frederick

Track list Total runtime
1 - Masters of darkness 4:04
2 - Menschenschlachthaus 4:29
3 - Gates to oblivion 4:21
4 - Devil's covenant 4:10
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