LAMB OF GOD VII: Sturm und Drang

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LAMB OF GOD - VII: Sturm und Drang
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  • Genre:Metalcore/Deathcore, Thrash Metal
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“There’s no way around it, my trip to the gated community in Europe was the starting point for writing this record,” he states. “I wrote the opening track, 'Still Echoes', almost in its entirety. You’re familiar with the MISFITS song 'London Dungeon', which is about when they got arrested? Well, I’m a huge MISFITS fan so I thought I might as well write my own 'London Dungeon', except for it’s not in London. I also wrote parts of the song '512' while I was there, so I had those two things. But writing in there was an act of preservation for my morale, I suppose. Being creative, whenever I’m going through something rough and I don’t have anything else to turn to, I pick up the pen…” With such a dramatic entry point for the writing process for LAMB OF GOD’s seventh album, this was never going to be an upbeat affair. Inspired by those initial lyrical ideas, Randy Blythe and guitarist Mark Morton have conjured a collection of dark and menacing but ultimately inspirational lyrics for »VII: Sturm und Drang«, an album that deals with extreme real life circumstances and mankind’s ability to weather the most brutal storms in the ongoing quest for peace and happiness.

Track list Total runtime
1 - Still Echoes 4:22
2 - Erase This 5:08
3 - 512 4:44
4 - Embers 4:56
5 - Footprints 4:24
6 - Overlord 6:28
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