WE CAME AS ROMANS Understanding what we've grown to be

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WE CAME AS ROMANS - Understanding what we've grown to be
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This is modernity, this is heaviness, this is melody!

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“´To Plant A Seed´ embodies a really strong message that we’ve always held as a band and that’s the simple fact to love others and to love in general,” explained Joshua Moore, guitarist and main songwriter for WE CAME AS ROMANS. “Hopefully this album will plant a seed, or idea, of love into people’s minds. The whole concept is that hopefully the practice of loving other people will grow.” These words, spoken by Moore in 2009 proved to only be the beginning for the Michigan-based band. Since their 2005 inception, WE CAME AS ROMANS has successfully delivered a refreshing lyrical perspective that focuses on spreading the positive message of being good people and loving one another. Moore states, “Love doesn’t have an argument; everyone wants to love and be loved. We decided if we were going to be a band, we needed to have meaning behind it. And I don’t think there is any greater meaning than to keep on spreading the idea and concept of love.” WE CAME AS ROMANS debut full-length album, ´To Plant A Seed´ has already sold over 70,000 copies since its release on November 3, 2009. In January 2011, WE CAME AS ROMANS released a deluxe edition of ´To Plant A Seed´ featuring a new single, ´To Move On Is To Grow´, as well as a 38-minute DVD of live performances, exclusive interviews, and their new music video for ´To Move On Is To Grow.´ The highly anticipated follow-up album, ´Understanding What We’ve Grown To Be´, will be released on September 16, 2011. For their sophomore release, WE CAME AS ROMANS returned to Foundation Recording Studio with their longtime friend and producer, Joey Sturgis [The Devil Wears Prada, Asking Alexandria, Attack Attack!]. The new material carries the band’s signature sound of intricate guitar riffs, both mosh-worthy and melodic breakdowns, and the flawless intertwining of dual vocals from David Stephens and Kyle Pavone. Musically and lyrically, ´Understanding What We’ve Grown To Be´ holds a much darker tone than their previous release, ´To Plant A Seed´. While still maintaining the band’s overall theme of positivity and brotherhood, the new material takes on a more straightforward approach to life’s struggles and the challenges of growing up. The juxtaposition of brutal breakdowns and chugging minor arpeggios with Pavone’s smooth croons, Stephens’ fierce and gut-wrenching screams, and crisp electronic elements creates an in-your-face sound that is distinctly WE CAME AS ROMANS. In the past year, WE CAME AS ROMANS supported the 2010 Scream It Like You Mean It Tour with headliners Silverstein, headlined the 2011 Motel 6 Rock Yourself To Sleep Tour (which sold out over 30 of the dates) and performed on the massive Gamechangers Tour with hardcore heavyweights A Day To Remember and Bring Me The Horizon. They also headed overseas, touring once in Australia and twice in Europe (Never Say Die Tour and headlining the 2011 European Scream It Like You Mean It Tour) among the likes of Megadeth, NOFX, Parkway Drive, GWAR, Suicide Silence, August Burns Red and more. This summer, WE CAME AS ROMANS will perform on the entirety of the 2011 Vans Warped Tour. They currently appear on the cover of both Alternative Press and Substream Magazine’s Warped Tour issues. Through their relentless enthusiasm and dedication to touring, WE CAME AS ROMANS have
proven their ability to win over any and every audience by pouring their hearts out on stage and take “giving 100%” to the next level.
“When kids come to see us, they already know what the songs sound like and know what they’re going to hear, it’s what they want to see that matters. We seriously give everything into making every show the most heartfelt and real show that we can give,” says Moore. “I want people to enjoy the music for what it is and realize the meaning; hopefully it’s something that hits close to home.”

Track list Total runtime
1 - Mis / Understanding 3:57
2 - Everything as planned 3:38
3 - What I wished I never had 4:00
4 - Cast the first stone 3:34
5 - The way that we have been 3:44
6 - A war inside 5:21
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