TRAGEDY & TRIUMPH Where mountains rise and hearts fall

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TRAGEDY & TRIUMPH - Where mountains rise and hearts fall
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  • Genre:Viking/Pagan/Epic Metal
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TRAGEDY & TRIUMPH is a long-kept project by Marius Berendsen (Mallevs Maleficarvm, Antares, Ex-Thyrgrim), which has been in the works since 2017 and is now being unleashed on mankind with the debut "Where Mountains Rise and Hearts Fall". On this album, they present themselves in the best Viking/Melodic Death Metal manner and thus consistently powerful, groovy and of course correspondingly melodic. Stylistically the band mentions, not unjustly, influences from bands like Bathory and Amon Amarth, and still shows variety and experimentation on these 11 songs.

Track list Total runtime
1 - Hildengrab (Instrumental) 2:31
2 - Triumphant 5:20
3 - Five arrows 4:11
4 - Where fire march victorious 5:54
5 - Beneath the howling gate 5:04
6 - Of mountains and wardrums 4:25
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