The dead city blueprint

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THINE - The dead city blueprint
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The new, third studio album of dark & poignant rock/metal anthems, on a 60 minute journey through the recesses of loss, isolation & introspection. Having formed in 1995 in Yorkshire, UK with the core trio of Alan Gaunt, Paul Groundwell and Daniel Mullins (My Dying Bride), Thine initially burst onto the scene in 1997 with the release of the atmospheric doom 'Journeys' demo tape, with the debut album of boundary-warping metal noir, 'A Town Like This', appearing on Peaceville the following year. Thine's most accomplished work to date, 'In Therapy' saw light of day a full 4 years later, and showcased a more sleek and immediate sound, bringing comparisons to other dark and emotional acts such as Katatonia and Anathema. The band line-up is completed by Dylan Rhodes on rhythm guitar and Richard Swift on bass. 'The Dead City Blueprint', Thine's third studio full-length release, ventures into the deepest recesses of loss, death, and a spiraling disassociation with society in a modern era where we should feel most connected. A journey through the trials of human separation and tribulation. Introspection and retrospection of the most profound order. Mixing the best of rock and elements of prog with sublime structures and hooks, 'The Dead City Blueprint' is a dynamic and poignant musical voyage of despair and catharsis, with soaring lead guitars, somber atmospherics and uplifting vocals.

Track list Total runtime
1 - Brave young assassin 4:57
2 - Flame to the oak 4:49
3 - Out of your mind & into a void 6:40
4 - To the precipice 5:44
5 - The dead city blueprint 4:42
6 - A great unknown 5:00
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