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Nothing's impossible! TENGGER CAVALRY teach the greatness of every sound symbiosis. With a mighty mix out of Mongolian overtone singing and violin empowered folk metal these New York mind blasters create something special and unique. Their nomadic fighting spirit helps to fuse unworldly cultures in harmony - and that's the spirit! Multi-cultural development, acceptance of diversity and individual freedom. With their music as a deputy: Distorted guitars and doublebass-blastings hit this very own singing style out of Central Asia. With the Mongolian horsehead fiddle aka Morin khuur these extremes got stuck together to a thrilling sound. They were so gripping that they have already been on two headline tours through the USA and appeared on CNN as well as in the New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. Here it is: their sixth record "Cian Bi" - the name of an ancient nomadic tribe that immigrated into Northern China to merge cultural differences. Like TENGGER CAVALRY: Never heard before! This is innovation surpremely.

Nature G – Guitar, Throat Singing, Morin Khuur, all instruments
Alex Abayev – Bass
Zaki Ali – Drums
Borjigin Chineeleg – Throat Singing, Topshur, Jawharp
Uljmuren De – Morin Khuur
Philip Newton – Topshur, backing vocals

Track list Total runtime
1 - And Darkness Continues 2:03
2 - Cian Bi (Fight Your Darkness) 3:24
3 - Our Ancestors 3:32
4 - Strength 3:05
5 - Chasing My Horse 2:46
6 - Electric Shaman 2:41
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