SYLOSIS Monolith

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SYLOSIS - Monolith
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  • Genre:Death Metal, Thrash Metal
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"Monolith" remains faithful to its name: a true mountain of progressive soundwalls and incredible melodies!

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It happened in 2008 that an hitherto unknown quartet from Reading, England – that only could refer to two demo EPs back then – released its debut album »Conclusion Of An Age« via Nuclear Blast and therewith sent the whole European metal scene into rapture. They offered an unprecedented mixture of modern thrash and traditional prog elements which was a huge success on the said debut record and its successor »Edge Of The Earth« (2011), as well as live on stage, both on extensive tours with combos such as AS I LAY DYING and FEAR FACTORY and on festivals like Graspop or Wacken Open Air. Soon SYLOSIS had reached a remarkable, genre-spanning level of name recognition and were fancied as innovative bearers of hope everywhere.

However, the corresponding weight of expectation couldn’t intimidate the guys around front man Josh Middleton. On the contrary, it seemed as a statement of great self-confidence when they entered the legendary Monnow Valley Studios (BLACK SABBATH, JUDAS PRIEST, RUSH) in Monmouth, Wales together with producer Romesh Dodangoda to record their upcoming third album. The eventual outcome of the recording sessions in those history-charged four walls rightfully carries the awe-inspiring name »Monolith«. Not only on a musical but also on a thematic level, the comparison image of an almost insurmountable rock of monumental magnitude literally forces itself on the listener, when for example enthralling narratives on the basis of Greek mythology are cast in a lyrical mold. In the year 2012, SYLOSIS proof that they are worthy of all extolments by delivering a record that stretches the listener to the limit because of its remarkable profundity. Do you dare to crest the Monolith?

Track list Total runtime
1 - Out From Below 6:58
2 - Fear The World 5:20
3 - What Dwells Within 5:02
4 - Behind The Sun 5:01
5 - The River 5:33
6 - Monolith 5:02
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