SPHERON A clockwork universe

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SPHERON - A clockwork universe
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The universe – A complex clockwork?

Are human beings gear-wheels in the mechanism of a fine-adjusted clockwork? Is the universe just the awe-inspiring work of a tactic watchmaker? Technical death metallers Spheron put these questions to the test on their second full-length “A Clockwork Universe” and made another quantum leap compared to their debut “Ecstasy Of God”.

Besides the compositional and technical progression the band sticks to the team Christoph Brandes (producer – Necrophagist, Deadborn, Imperium Dekadenz o.a.) and Eliran Kantor (artwork – Testament, Hate Eternal, Atheist o.a.). Both parts seem really inspired by the quintet as they went all out. The sound creates an omnipresent atmosphere while it remains crystal-clear and the cover-artwork carries this vibe to the outside.

The result is an ambitious album that leaves the listeners with the question whether they stick with the “Watchmaker analogy” or not!

Track list Total runtime
1 - Keeper of time and space 2:28
2 - The blind watchmaker 6:57
3 - Plains of Hungary 6:20
4 - Pendulum 6:25
5 - Gargantua 3:41
6 - Building a storm 7:41
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