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Let the curtain rise on the sensual seduction of Mediterranean Symphonic Metal: SLEEPING ROMANCE provide a symphony for the broken hearted who somehow manage to love again. “Alba” leads a journey of orchestral opera arrangements and siren songs; touching, sometimes frightning, but always as personal as can be. Songstress Federica Lanna means every word of “ The Bleeding Darkness In Me”. As always, Federico Truzzi flatters her lovely voice with delicate guitars. The Italian quintet display true mastery, as they fuse bloodcurdling classical sounds with monstrous Melodic Death Metal-riffing, full of force yet sustained by noble, theatrical flamboyance. After the success of their debut "Enlighten” SLEEPING ROMANCE's frenetic “Alba” is not to be ignored. For fans of Napalm Record's finest XANDRIA.

Federica Lanna - Vocals
Truzzi Federico - Guitar and orchestra
Lorenzo Costi - Bass
Francesco Zanarelli - Drums
Fabrizio Incao - Guitar

Track list Total runtime
1 - Overture - Twilight 2:26
2 - Where The Light Is Bleeding 4:58
3 - Lost In My Eyes 3:36
4 - Touch The Sun 3:57
5 - Forgiveness 6:14
6 - My Temptation 5:10
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