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SIRENIA Perils of the deep blue

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SIRENIA - Perils of the deep blue
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“Valuable like pure marble and beautiful like a rose bloom covered in morning dew – SIRENIA manifest their majestic perfection of the symphonic metal genre!”

Morten Veland can be considered the musical and compositional mastermind behind SIRENIA. The 35-year-old Norwegian ranks among the most influential characters within the entire gothic and symphonic metal scene. “Albums like »Perils Of The Deep Blue« let gothic metal survive“, states Björn Springorum of German ORKUS magazine and fittingly describes the new record with the adjectives “bombastic, sinister, unmistakable and surprisingly rocking.”

»Perils Of The Deep Blue« is SIRENIA’s sixth studio record. The band was founded by Morten Veland beginning of 2001 after he had left his previous band TRISTANIA subsequent to the release of their legendary first two albums »Widow’s Weeds« (1998) and »Beyond The Veil« (1999) due to artistic and personal differences. At that time he was literally overflowing with ideas and manifested his class in the form of SIRENIA’s trend-setting debut »At Sixes And Sevens« that was released in 2002.

Since 2006, SIRENIA have been signed to Nuclear Blast and achieved their highest chart entry to date - rank 54 of the German Media Control Charts - with their label debut »Nine Destinies And A Downfall«. In 2008, the young, spirited and charismatic vocalist Ailyn joined the band who’s been adding important influences to the band’s sound ever since and refined the two chartbreakers »The 13th Floor« and »The Enigma Of Life«.
Their new opus »Perils Of The Deep Blue« however can be entitled the highlight of the band’s 12-year-carreer. “This album takes SIRENIA to the next level“, comments the song writer, vocalist and guitarist. “It brings many new sides of us to the table. There’s typical tried and tested SIRENIA stuff but also approaches that you’ve never heard from us before. I love this record, for it’s the result of two and a half years of blood, sweat and tears. I’ve literally put my heart and soul into it!”

Just like in the past, the majority of the CD was recorded in the band’s own studio. “I love to work there as I always feel inspired - plus we can take our time with whatever we do, for there is no time pressure.” Several acoustic guitar parts as well as the choirs were recorded in Sound Suite Studios, France. The record was produced by Morten Veland himself, while the mixing and mastering was done by Endre Kirkesola in Dub Studios, Oslo.

The album artwork was originally painted by Anne Stokes – though it wasn’t intentionally created to be used as such, as Morten explains: “I came across the artwork on the Internet and immediately fell in love with it for obvious reasons – it’s no secret that I’ve always been fascinated by Greek mythology and sirens. So we got in touch with Anne and luckily she granted us the permits to use it for the record. I actually drew the inspiration for the album title »Perils Of The Deep Blue« from the artwork. In my opinion, it’s the perfect SIRENIA cover!”

It’s already been decided that SIRENIA will shoot a video clip for the track `Seven Widows Weep´ that’ll also be released as a digital single. An extensive autumn tour is currently in the works.

Track list Total runtime
1 - Ducere Me In Lucem 3:32
2 - Seven Widows Weep 6:56
3 - My Destiny Coming To Pass 5:15
4 - Ditt Endelikt 6:10
5 - Cold Caress 5:57
6 - Darkling 5:35
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