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"Erwachen" (Awakening) is Saltatio Mortis' second contemporary release--once again the "medieval 7" summon the dreams of the past, though they awake in the present. The past, now flourishing in the present, teaches Saltatio Mortis the craftsmanship with which to blend what was once with what is now. But because nothing blooms without roots, the relics of ancient origins are to be distinctively heard and felt: Bagpipes, shalms, and hurdy-gurdies are all witness to these origins. The electric guitar, bass, synthesizer, and drums embody the here and now. Critical relevant lyrics, diversified vocals, and an uncompromising production shape a sound that invokes the desire to experience the band in a live environment. The subconscious has awoken to the many facets of "Erwachen"--to the many facets of Saltatio Mortis: From its heavy riffs to its sensous melodic vocal arrangements and grand finale. This versatility shines through with every live performance, as does the band's desire to interact with its audience. It too finds an avenue of expression in "Erwachen"; as the live environment is clearly in Saltatio Mortis' case the inspiration and spirit that signals chaos, leads to creation, and announces its awakening.

Track list Total runtime
1 - Hör die Trommeln 4:51
2 - Falsche Freunde 4:39
3 - Lass mich los 3:27
4 - Traumreise 4:41
5 - Erwachen 4:13
6 - Am Scheideweg 4:46
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