SABBATONERO L’uomo di ferro

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SABBATONERO - L’uomo di ferro
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The All-Star Project SABBATONERO with their carity album "L’uomo di ferro - A tribute to Black Sabbath". All the funds raised will go to front line Covid workers in Italy to the Spallanzani Hospital in Rome.

More info:

All-Star Project SABBATONERO to release BLACK SABBATH tribute album in July; features members of VENOM INC, DIAMOND HEAD, RAVEN, HELSTAR, OBITUARY, DEATH, SUFFOCATION plus MARTY FRIEDMAN, SNOWY SHAW and many more.

Venom Inc. frontman, Tony "Demolition Man" Dolan, announces the upcoming BLACK SABBATH tribute album from all-star project SABBATONERO, entitled "L’Uomo Di Ferro - A Tribute To Black Sabbath".

Says Dolan: "Christmas Eve 2020 brings to an end one extraordinary year for us all... Therefore to do something positive and show the amazing talent and strength of our metal community across the globe... I’m presenting you... from Brazil to Japan... USA to Europe... our metal guests joining me with our ‘Tribute to Black Sabbath’ in our own styles but together and with our greatest respect for their amazing songs but even more their influence on us all."

All funds raised will go to frontline COVID workers in Italy.

Backing band:

Tony ‘Demolition’ Dolan (Venom Inc) - All bass & vocals on "N.I.B."
Francesco Conte (Neromega / Spiritual Front) - Guitars
Filippo Marcheggiani (Banco del Mutuo Soccorso) - Guitars
Riccardo Spilli (Balleto Di Bronzo) - Drums

Guest artists:

Rasmus Bom Anderson (Diamond Head) - Vocals on "Symptom of the Universe"
Steve Sylvester (Death SS) - Vocals on "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath"
Tony ‘Demolition’ Dolan (Venom Inc) - vocals on "N.I.B."
Maksymina Kuzianik (Smoke Rites) & Mayara Puertas (Torture Squad) - Vocal duet on "Killing Yourself To Live"
Tony D’Alessio (Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso) - Vocals on "Heaven & Hell"
Fleigas (Necrodeath) - Vocals on "Paranoid"
John Gallagher (Raven) - Vocals on "Children of the Grave"
Simone Salvatori (Spiritual Front) - Vocals on "A National Acrobat"
Andrea Zanetti (Monumentum) - Vocals on "Hole in the Sky"
James Rivera (Helstar) - Vocals on "War Pigs"

Guitar soloists:
Marty Friedman - "Symptom of the Universe"
Mantas (Venom Inc) - "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath"
Terence Hobbs (Suffocation) - "N.I.B."
Prika Amaral (Nervosa) - "Killing Yourself To Live"
Ken Andrews (Obituary) - "Heaven & Hell"
Sonia Anubis (Crypta/Cobra Spell/ex-Burning Witches) - "Paranoid"
Russ Tippins (Satan) - "Children of the Grave"
Atilla Voros (Leander Rising, ex-Tyr/Nevermore - "A National Acrobat"
Wiley Arnet (Sacred Reich) - "Hole In the Sky"
James Murphy (ex Death/Agent Steel/Obituary) - "War Pigs"

Guest drummers :
Snowy Shaw (Dream Evil/Mercyful Fate, etc) - Drums on "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath"
Mark Jackson (Acid Reign ex-M:Pire of Evil) - Drums on "War Pigs"
Dario Casabona (Schizo) - Drums on "Hole in the Sky"

Keyboard guests:
Freddy Delirio (Death SS) - "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath"
Heric Fittipaldi (Scenario) - "Heaven & Hell"

Cover Art by @weltyamatattoo
Design/Layout: Maxi Kuzianik/Tony Dolan

Recorded all over the planet, but...

Mixed by Francesco Conte
Stem Pre Mastering by Marco Mastrobuono, Francesco Conte and Filippo Marcheggiani at Kick Recording Studio Italy
Mastered by Jack Control at Enormous Door Mastering Italy

Produced by Tony Dolan and Francesco Conte

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