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ROYAL REPUBLIC - Club majesty
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ROYAL REPUBLIC don’t believe in ‘guilty pleasures’ – only pleasures, free of compromise. Since meeting at the Malmö Academy Of Music in 2007, they’ve become Sweden’s most addictive rock’n’roll export; mixing riffy guitars, king-sized tunes and jet-packed beats with their own eclectic tastes and inimitable joie de vivre. Plus the kind of snazzy suits most of their contemporaries wish they had the balls to pull off. They’ll rock the shit out of you and make you dance like you’ve just won the lottery.

And still that question ‘what are your guilty pleasures’ often crops up. Because you can’t be in a proper badass rock band and enjoy 70s disco, jazz and pop, or listen to METALLICA and CANNIBAL CORPSE on your tour bus and (whisper it) THE SPICE GIRLS and THE BACKSTREET BOYS… Or can you?

If »Weekend Man« was the album that really nailed their identity, »Club Majesty« is the sound of them embracing it from the word go. Written and recorded over the last year, mostly in the band’s headquarters in Malmö, it’s laden with ‘guilty pleasures’ – in an utterly guilt-free manner. This is an album for the dancefloor and the mosh pit, where rock guitars and drums sit alongside addictive choruses, shimmying rhythms and saxophone (the latter added less than a month after Grahn first picked up the instrument).

If you like ROYAL REPUBLIC, you’ll love »Club Majesty«. And for the uninitiated – rock fan, pop lover, metal-head or otherwise – you’ve arrived at an excellent time. All are welcome here, so step inside…

Track list Total runtime
1 - Fireman & dancer 2:48
2 - Can't fight the disco 2:51
3 - Boomerang 3:25
4 - Under cover 3:41
5 - Like a lover 3:52
6 - Blunt force trauma 2:54
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