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The fourth album by alien deathcore overlords RINGS OF SATURN from the Bay Area!

More info:

Arriving back on the scene with their fourth full length studio album »Ultu Ulla« and now signed to Nuclear Blast Records as of May 2016, return Bay Area technical death core musicians RINGS OF SATURN. This self-dictated ‘Alien death core’ band present an entirely new and esoteric proposition to heavy metal. Terrorizing earthlings with their intense measures of technicality is something that RINGS OF SATURN excel in. Always pushing boundaries, yet maintaining a level enough balance to safeguard the sound that their fans love, they have mastered a rare form of self-control as they continue to shred, break down, and scream their way through modern music. Always looking for new ways to expand upon their current sound, RINGS OF SATURN present a level of technical precision which is rare to see in modern death core. Currently, their lineup includes founding member Lucas Mann on guitar, Miles Dimitri Baker on guitar, Aaron Stechauner on drums, and vocalist Ian Bearer. This album cycle the guys deliver to us quite possibly their most polished sounding tracks yet. They showcase funky rhythm and skull crushing breakdowns that are so powerful they drag you to the ground while still lending the feeling of speeding through a math equation.

Track list Total runtime
1 - Servant of this sentience 4:16
2 - Parallel shift 3:49
3 - Unhallowed 1:00
4 - Immemorial essence 4:44
5 - The relic 4:47
6 - Margidda 5:00
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