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Formed in 2009 by Lucas Mann, RINGS OF SATURN wasn’t made just to be a studio project but rather a fully-fledged band. The interstellar beings contacted Mann after he opened an inter-dimensional portal using the art of shred. For years after, they would speak to Mann in archaic Sumerian of their invasion plans. The interactions, or rather instructions, prompted Mann to write the music in response. Albums of complex, experimental, and sonically heavy music followed. »Embryonic Anomaly« (2009 - self-released / 2010 - Unique Leader), »Dingir« (2012 - Unique Leader), »Lugal Ki En (2014 - Unique Leader), »Ultu Ulla« (2017 - Nuclear Blast), and »Gidim« (2019 - Nuclear Blast) were the byproduct of Mann absorbing, reinterpreting, and projecting back a language resonant from another world.

As for RINGS OF SATURN’s message in the final hour of our existence, it’s a positive one. Certainly, the conceptual aspects and lyrical topics on »Gidim« aren’t neighborly or jovial. Musically, RINGS OF SATURN aren’t crafting lighthearted, mindless music either. One listen to 'Pustules,' 'Mental Prolapse,' or 'The Husk' proves the aforementioned statements true. What Mann is trying to convey is that RINGS OF SATURN and new album »Gidim« represent freedom to think, what lies beyond boundaries, and the ability to be ourselves, whatever the cost.

Track list Total runtime
1 - Pustules 4:29
2 - Divine authority 3:32
3 - Hypodermis glitch 4:27
4 - Bloated and stiff 4:36
5 - Tormented consciousness 5:02
6 - The husk 4:56
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