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POSSESSED Beyond the gates / The eyes of horror (Re-issue 20

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POSSESSED - Beyond the gates / The eyes of horror (Re-issue 20
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  • Version:CD
  • Genre:Death Metal
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POSSESSED's classic second studio album from 1986 and their follow-up EP from 1987 available together on CD again. Both releases have been fully digitally remastered by Patrick W. Engel (TEMPLE OF DISHARMONY).

More info:

POSSESSED took San Francisco's metal scene by storm, playing with fellow Bay Area thrashers and friends EXODUS, and other bands - many now long gone. In 1982-1983, they recorded a four song demo. One of the demo tracks, 'Swing Of The Axe' ended up on the »Metal Massacre 6 Compilation« and later on »The Best of Metal Massacre«. Released in October 1985 on Combat Records, »Seven Churches« set a new standard for extreme music. Combining lightening fast riffs, Becerra's raspy trademark growl and speedy bass playing, pummeling drums and Randy Burns' production, »Seven Churches« created a whole new genre of music - death metal. »Seven Churches« went on to be one of Combat Records' best-selling albums. Not bad for a quartet of high school kids!
»Beyond The Gates«. Released on Halloween in 1986, this album was especially well-received in Europe where they toured at the end of the year. The album that changed the landscape of heavy metal, »Beyond The Gates« was the highest selling Combat album that year.
After that tour, POSSESSED recorded and released »Eyes Of Horror«, a five song EP produced by Joe Satriani. Musically and lyrically advanced, the album touched on dark themes such as sin, drugs and violence and, of course, the devil. Not long after the release of the EP, LaLonde (early guitars) joined up with Les Claypool and PRIMUS. Soon after, Mike Sus (early drums) left to continue his studies at SFSU and Torrao (early guitars) decided he no longer wanted to play in a band. Becerra continued to play and joined some side projects, but mostly took time to pursue his goals in life including his attending SFSU. In 1992, while coming home from work, tragically, Jeff was shot twice by two different gunmen who were attempting to rob him. It would be seventeen-and-a-half years before Jeff was again able to resurrect POSSESSED after receiving literally thousands of fan letters, emails and fan support.

Jeff Becerra – Vocals, Bass
Mike Torrao – Guitars
Larry LaLonde – Guitars
Mike Sus – Drums

Track list Total runtime
1 - Intro 1:23
2 - The Heretic 2:40
3 - Tribulation 4:48
4 - March to Die 3:12
5 - Phantasm 4:23
6 - No Will to Live 6:47
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