OMNIUM GATHERUM Stuck her on snakes way

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OMNIUM GATHERUM - Stuck her on snakes way
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Die Neuauflage im Digipak.

More info:

"Stuck Here On Snakes Way" was the debut OG album featuring J on vocals and it was released in April 2007.
After a successful UK tour and a signing to Candlelight Records. "Snakes Way" is an endless road dealing with the choices in our existence and the temptation within the mind of every soul on this third planet of ours, and unfortunately so many people are stuck... The band didn't get stuck with the album and the "Snakes Way" conducted the band to do tours with Dark Tranquility, Caliban and Entombed, spiced with a large amount of Finnish headlining gigs and the No. 31 position in the Finnish national album chart!

Track list Total runtime
1 - The snake and the way 0:45
2 - Into sea 3:36
3 - Dysnomia 3:10
4 - A-part of God 3:45
5 - Undertaker 4:57
6 - Bastard-O 2:46
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