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NIHILIST Carnal Leftovers

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NIHILIST - Carnal Leftovers
  • CD - 10.99 EUR
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  • Version:CD
  • Genre:Death Metal
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Their lifespan would be short but not the impact or influence this Swedish band would have on the entire extreme music scene. Sure they were youngsters at the time, but this band would help to cultivate the sound that birthed and initially propelled the now-and-forever signature European death metal sound - one that is still viable and as exciting today.

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Nihilist the Swedish death metal gods later known as Entombed. Re-Mastered version of this compilation, Remastered by Magnus Lindberg (Cult of Luna, Entombed, Imperial State Electric among others). The album will also feature liner Notes from Metal Maniacs editor /euro label manager for Century Media Ula Gehret. Highly influential recordings that started the death metal boom Pre-Entombed recordings. First time recordings of songs later featured on the classic "Left Hand Path" & "Clandestine" albums. Featuring Nicke (now in The Hellacopters) & Johnny Hedlund (now in Unleashed).

Track list Total runtime
1 - Sentenced to death 3:11
2 - Supposed to rot 1:54
3 - Carnal leftovers 3:04
4 - Abnormally deceased 3:05
5 - Revel in flesh 3:41
6 - Face of evil 3:49
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