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2003 - Metallica return, after their much publicized 5 year hiatus, with a venture into low budget ($1,000,000?) recording. Produced by Bob Rock. Features initial pressing bonus DVD.

Fan review

Metallica - St. Anger
Once known as the premier metal band, Metallica is slowly drifting towards being more of a rock/hard rock band than a metal band. Their latest release, "St. Anger" seems to back this up in every way. Like many of you, I too grew up on the early Metallica (i.e. Kill Em'' All, Ride the Lightning, Master of Puppets, etc.) and it , for lack of a better word, suck to see a band with such a strong foundation musically, waste it. That is exactly what they did with St. Anger. From the beginning, it seems promising. Fast and semi-hard, the music doesn''t sound bad. As the rest of the CD is heard though, thats where all my interest was lost. Over and over, the enntire CD is composed of 3-fret riffs that repeat themselves, back by lars whailing on his kit, with what seems to include a metal pot, but in actuallity is a strangely tuned snare that gets really annoying. Furthermore, having one of the best lead guitarists in the business today in Kirk Hammett, one would thing a band like metallica would exploit this strength in their band as much as possible. Wrong. St. Anger has very few, if any, solo''s. If their is a solo on the CD, which I''m pretty sure there isn''t, its short and shitty.
Overall, the CD feels completely flat. Almost as if little or no heart was put into it. I wouldn''t recommend buying this CD if you''re looking for a metal album, or looking for anything liek what Metallica used to be about. On the other hand, if your looking for a mildy entertaining hard-rock album with a few good songs on it and some fast guitar and drun riffs, this is what you''d spend your $15 on. As for me, I''m saving my $15 for the next "In Flames? album.

Cade Lambert

Track list Total runtime
1 - Frantic 5:51
2 - St. Anger 7:23
3 - Some Kind Of Monster 8:26
4 - Dirty Window 5:25
5 - Invisible Kid 8:30
6 - My World 5:46
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