KORPIKLAANI Voice of wilderness

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KORPIKLAANI - Voice of wilderness
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  • Genre:Viking/Pagan/Epic Metal
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Finnischer Humppa Folk Metal!

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KORPIKLAANI has always known how to capture the essence of life in Finland and embedd it in their music. "Voice of Wilderness" is the Finnish woodsmen way to continue their tradition of allowing the listener into their world. The band is not at all squeamish about getting to the point, and anyone familiar with KORPIKLAANI's compatriots Finntroll or Ensiferum knows what this mean. The music is as wild and raw as the land itself, and instead of cosy campfire romance, fast and intoxicating songs, supported by violin, flute, and Jonne's unmistakable vocals, invite one to dance around this fire. Influence by "humppa", the tracks gallop along and one soon imagines the band before them, wildly celebrating in the forest; in the midst of Finland's cold and gruff nature. The melancholy of dark winter days finds no place here. He who freezes, drinks and frolics to the melody of the fiddle. KORPIKLAANI brings us quality Folk Metal that tells tales and praises beer. The coarse romance of this album transforms any peaceful evening before the fireplace into a roaring celebration.

Jonne - vocals & guitars
Hittavainen - violin, jouhilkko, flutes & Accordeon
Juho – accordeon
Cane - guitars
Honka - guitars
Arto - bass
Matson - drums
Ali - percussion

Track list Total runtime
1 - Cottages & Saunas
2 - Journey man
3 - Fields in flames
4 - Pine woods
5 - Spirit of the forest
6 - Native land
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