Ridin' shotgun

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KING CHROME - Ridin' shotgun
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Mit ihrem zweiten Album ?Ridin' Shotgun? tritt das Stuttgarter Quartett KING CHROME allen Metal- Konventionen mächtig in den Arsch. Fukk-U-Core nennen sie ihr Genre und das sagt: KING CHROME (KC) scheißen auf Schubladen- Denken. Die 13 neuen Songs schreddern Brocken aus der Welt von PANTERA, HATEBREED und ANTHRAX. Sie thrashen, grooven, hardcoren und - ja! - bluesen zuweilen sogar. Diese kantige und staubtrockene Mischung zementiert das rau-markante Shouting von Frontmann Jakk Daviz zusammen.

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Joey Zampella (Life Of Agony): "Really digging the fact that King Chrome has an original sound and style. It's not very often lately that I hear a band write tunes outside the box and take chances. Nice work fellas..."

Richard Sjunnesson (The Unguided): "If Phil Anselmo smeared himself in mutagen ooze and the last creature he was ever in contact with was Lemmy Kilimister, an unholy metamorphosis would occur. Suggest this hellspawn would mate with Metallica and you infuse the bastard son with a dash of New York hardcore in the fontanel straight at birth. The adult being of this catalyst, that you are facing now, is King Chrome's new album; "Ridin' Shotgun". If you do not like those ingredients, do us all a favor and jump of the planet. Because this is exactly what I needed this Friday afternoon!"

Maurice (Legion of The Damned): "King Chrome is grooving straight forward without obstacles. Great album, great voice! The King is back!"

Zoltan Farkas (Ektomorf): "King Chrome kick ass! Check ?em out!"
Chuck Billy (Testament): ?These guys sound like Danzig... Just better!?

Anders Johansson (ex Hammerfall): ?Straight in your face, aggressive and tight - Volbeat on Crack!?

Tom Goober (The Toy Dolls): ?Dangerous rock and roll from deep in Southern Germany; together with a driving force and memorable tunes this Wrecking Crew smash it both live and on record. They back it all up with a strong do it yourself work ethic!?

Alex Scholpp (Tarja Turunen, Farmer Boys, Tieflader): ?King Chrome liefern mit ?Ridin' Shotgun? fetten 5- liter- V8- metall! Tightes riffing mit coolen vocals und die grooves walzen alles platt!?

Track list Total runtime
1 - King Chrome 1:45
2 - Inferno 2:47
3 - Busted knuckles & swollen wrists 2:56
4 - A menace to society 3:45
5 - Renegade ways 4:59
6 - Je$u$ $ell$ 3:25
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