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HAMMER FIGHT Profound and profane

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HAMMER FIGHT - Profound and profane
  • CD - 3.99 EUR
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  • Version:CD
  • Genre:Thrash Metal
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Positively filthy rock meets gloriously sublime metal, thrash, punk & hardcore!

More info:

The whiskey-drinkin’, beer guzzlin’ bros in HAMMER FIGHT were spawned from Atlantic City, New Jersey! Showcasing a brazen approach to their sound, and therefore it hardly matters if you call it thrash`n`roll or hard rockin‘ heavy metal: positively filthy rock meets gloriously sublime classic metal, thrash, speed, punk and hardcore on their Napalm Records debut album "Profound and profane"! Snotty like the Cancer Bats and Zeke, and a second later worshipping at Lemmy`s altar - HAMMER FIGHT don`t just defy all boundaries, they set them on fire and piss on the ashes.

Track list Total runtime
1 - Picking Up Change 3:10
2 - Target Acquired 3:17
3 - Into The Dark 3:44
4 - Good Times In Dark Ages 4:05
5 - Gods Of Rock N' Roll 4:28
6 - Low & Broken 4:06
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