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GRAVEWORM - Engraved in black RE-RELEASE
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Re-released on Golden Disc, limited and numerated to 2000 copies.

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The fourth studio album by the Italian melodic black metal outfit! Originally released in 2003 and produced at Stage One Studio by Andy Classen (Dew-Scented, Tankard, Disbelief, Asphyx, and The Old Dead Tree, to name a few), Engraved in Black constitutes an even heavier and more intense masterpiece of darkness and desolation than any of the bands previous offerings. Especially for the wretched hearts of all the true black metal fans out there! New edition re-released on Golden Disc, limited and numerated to 2000 copies.
Graveworm was founded in 1992. In 1997, the band signed a record deal with Serenades Records and, the same year, released their debut album When Daylights Gone. A tour with Crematory, Therion, and Lake of Tears followed. Underneath the Crescent Moon EP saw the light of day the following year, featuring a guest appearance by Sarah Jezebel Deva (Craddle of Filth, Therion). Also in 1998, the band made an appearance at Wacken Festival. Their second album, As the Angel Reached the Beauty was released in 1999, after which they set off for a German tour with Mystic Circle, Stormlord, and Suidakra, then a European tour with Agathodaimon and Siebenbrgen, and, finally, performed at Wave Gotik Treffen festival. Their most brutal studio album to date, Scourge of Malice, was released in 2001, followed by their first headlining tour with Vintersorg, Dornereich, and Darkwell as support acts, a performance at Summer Breeze Festival, and, in 2002, a show at the Italian Badia Rocks. The year 2002 marked the bands signing to Nuclear Blast Records. It was then that both bassist Didi Schraffel and guitarist Harry Klenk decided to part ways with the band. After a brief cooperation with Eric Treffel, the band finally found their new guitarist in Eric Righi, with whom they recorded their fourth studio album Engraved in Black, produced by Andy Classen (who would come to be the producer on all their subsequent albums to date). New lineup changes ensued, with guitarist Stefan Unterpertinger leaving Greaveworms ranks and being subsequently replaced by Lukas Flarer, as well as Harry Klenk rejoining the band, now as the bassist. In 2005, following the release of their fifth studio album (N)Utopia, guitarist Lukas Flarer left the band and was replaced by Thomas Orgler. A North American tour alongside Kataklysm, Destruction, The Absence, and Vader followed in 2006. The following years saw the release of Collateral Defect in 2007, Diabolical Figures in 2009 (featuring guest appearance by Disbeliefs Karsten Jager), and their latest album to date, Fragments of Death, in 2011. In 2012, Stefan Unterpertinger rejoined the band after the departure of guitarist Thomas Orgler and keyboardist Sabine Mair.

Track list Total runtime
1 - Dreaming into reality 7:03
2 - Legions unleashed 5:27
3 - Renaissance in blood 3:39
4 - Thorns of desolation 4:07
5 - Abhorrence 4:48
6 - Losing my religion 4:22
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