Tempo of the damned

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EXODUS - Tempo of the damned
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"Tempo of the damned", EXODUS' absolutely fantastic comeback album, having Steve "Zetro" Souza back in the ranks again as the band's shouter, has a tempo that makes you want to bleed, sweat, piss, sh*! and vomit (uh...whatever really!) metal after you have finished your private lesson with these monstrously heavy, testosterone-filled, blood-stopping and damn addictive songs on Exodus' best album to date since the band's both "Bonded by blood" and"Pleasures of the flesh" albums." - METAL-RULES.COM

Track list Total runtime
1 - Scar Spangled Banner 6:41
2 - War Is My Shepherd 4:27
3 - Blacklist 6:18
4 - Shroud Of Urine 4:51
5 - Forward March 7:38
6 - Culling The Herd 6:07
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