EVIL INVADERS Feed me violence

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EVIL INVADERS - Feed me violence
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  • Genre:Heavy/True/Power/Speed Metal, Thrash Metal
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Raging Speed Metal madness at its finest! Finally the long awaited second album of Belgium's hottest Heavy Metal band!

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Let down your hair and rip off your shirt, Speed Metal is back! With lustful joy, the Belgians of EVIL INVADERS wallow in those mad days of early Metallica and Slayer, when Thrash Metal was marked with speed and metal's madness was bigger than the Beatlemania. Their second monstrosity of an album is called "Feed Me Violence" and delivers true Thrash Metal in its rawest strength: wasted and wild, lightning-swift and erratic! Full-throated Heavy Metal-screams that would make Rob Halford proud shoot over electrifying whirlwinds of solo guitars. Prepare yourself for massive divebombs and a grim beating snare drum! A must-have for every guitar-freak and for fans of Death, Slayer, Kreator and Judas Priest's Painkiller!
Raging Speed Metal madness at its finest! Finally the sophomore album!

Joe - Vocals / Guitars
Max - Lead Guitars
Senne - Drums
Joeri - Bass Guitar

Track list Total runtime
1 - Mental Penitentiary 3:47
2 - As Life Slowly Fades 4:09
3 - Suspended Reanimation 0:51
4 - Broken Dreams In Isolation 4:09
5 - Feed Me Violence 3:44
6 - Oblivion 4:53
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