DISTURBED Immortalized

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DISTURBED - Immortalized
  • CD - 9.99 EUR
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  • Version:CD
  • Genre:Rock/Alternative
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"The idea was to leave when we were at our peak, which we were, and to come back when we felt reinvigorated," said Draiman. "Everything was strategic. We wanted to give ourselves a chance to breathe, give the fans a chance to breathe, and give the culture a chance to evolve. Now is the time. The environment feels ready. The musical landscape feels ready. We're ready."

Track list Total runtime
1 - The Eye Of The Storm 1:20
2 - Immortalized 4:17
3 - The Vengeful One 4:11
4 - Open Your Eyes 3:57
5 - The Light 4:16
6 - What Are You Waiting For 4:03
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