DISBELIEF The symbol of death

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DISBELIEF - The symbol of death
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Imagine yourself being crushed by a throng of stomping giant elephants, this is the feeling you get when listening to DISBELIEF ’s massive, torturous, bombastic war-like death metal sound .

Formed in 1990, The German band drew an immediate roaring response from the press with a series of remarquable demo tapes leading them to deals with Nuclear blast and Massacre records and many European tours with Bolt Thrower, Six Feet Under, Death Angel and played many major festivals.

Being on hiatus since 2010 after some line up changes, DISBELIEF is now back on the battlefield with their brand new album ’The Symbol Of Death’ , more armed than ever with modern unrelenting weaponry, marching on bravely more determined than ever thanks to their implacable new material.

DISBELIEF's new album ‘The Symbol of Death’ proves to be a monster , first, band founder and vocalist ‘Jagger’ s guttural signature has never sounded so intense and relentless, and the precise and bloodthirsty double bass drums back up a colossal wall of thickly produced face melting guitars. Still, the band adds in a melodic flavour that never sounds any obvious all along ‘The Symbol of Death’.

Karsten “Jagger” Jäger tells us more about their studio experience: « We recorded and mixed ‘ The Symbol of Death’ at Rombado Recordings in Essen (Ger). It was the first time for us in this studio and the band is very satisfied with the result. The combination of the brutal side of Disbelief and the melodic, apocalyptic parts of the band are displayed here better than ever before. Many excellent riffs , some fast stuff, some mid-tempo songs, t’s a great trip going through those twelve strong, raw and aggressive Death Metal songs »

When asked about a few lyrical themes explored in ‘The Symbol of Death’ , Jagger comments :
« ‘Rest in Peace’ is personal and deals with my father dying of cancer and his fight against this crawling sickness that destroyed him slowly ». The song ‘One by One’ is dedicated to Simon Wiesenthal and is looking into the minds of all the German people who survived the nazi regime, knowing what was going on with the jews, betraying and denying their best friends to save their own lives. Everyone who survived such experience had to live with that shame until the rest of their lives, that's justice. ‘To Defy Control’ is an anti addiction song about the daily manipulations people have to go through. »

The artwork was made by Elian Kantor (elirankantor.com) who keeps on delivering incredible paintings and DISBELIEF ’s ‘The Symbol of Death’ should become one his most amazing piece of art. Jagger explains its concept : "The coverartwork shows two statues. They're blessing each other, and betraying and stabbing each other in the back with the other hand at the same time, a hypocritical blessing.. »

Track list Total runtime
1 - Full of terrors 5:45
2 - The unsuspecting one 5:11
3 - The symbol of death 4:56
4 - Embrace the blaze 5:18
5 - To defy control 5:38
6 - Rest in peace 5:22
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