BOLT THROWER Those once loyal

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BOLT THROWER - Those once loyal
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The most crushing war machine of Death Metal is fighting again: BOLT THROWER. Having back original singer Willets behind the microphone, these guys kill even more with their typical heavy intensity, that no other band out of this genre can deliver. Their powerful and voluminous Sound rolls over the listeners without any mercy. That’s why BOLT THROWER are always compared to an unstoppable tank, destroying everything. Music and soundwise on top, "Those Once Loyal" will mark a new career highlight after their seventh album „Honour-Valour-Pride“ (entered Top 100 German album charts/ Coverstory Rock Hard, ALBUM OF THE MONTH!) that was praised and hailed by both press and fans. Those who liked their last two albums will definitely love "Those Once Loyal". And also people, who are more into albums like „4th Crusade“ und „…For Victory“, will be killed by the nine, new deadly tracks without any resistance. So, a new big or even the biggest moment in the band’s history is approaching, right in time for their 20th anniversary, which will be celebrated in 2006. Today there’s only one thing counting: In times where the next trend already starts before the one before died out, no one will be able to avoid the unique and indestructible style of BOLT THROWER. IN A WORLD OF COMPROMISE … SOME DON’T!

Track list Total runtime
1 - At first light
2 - Entrenched
3 - The killchain
4 - Granite wall
5 - Those once loyal
6 - Anti-tank (Dead armour)
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