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AMORPHIS - Eclipse
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Founded in 1990 in Helsinki, AMORPHIS have worked their way up to the top of the European metal scene over the last 10 years. However, the term “metal“ doesn’t necessarily define the band anymore. Sure, originally the disciples around mastermind Esa Holopainen were definitely Death Metal, but gradually developed into a serious rock act.

The big break-through came in 1994 with their last really extreme album „Tales Of The Thousand Lakes“. The whole metal community went nuts, a big success indeed.

After intensive touring (including NUCLEAR BLAST festivals), AMORPHIS decided to discover new musical grounds with Pasi Koskinen, new singer for the band, who additionally worked with clean vocals, this was step one.
Guitarist and former singer Tomi Koivusari now got the chance to focus more on his Guitar playing, which happened to be a noticeable and positive change especially live.

This is the constellation that in 1996 recorded the historic album “Elegy”. Not only did it become a progressive/ folk metal masterpiece, it also became the first top 100 chart album ever for NUCLEAR BLAST. The beauty about “Elegy“ wasn’t only its magic but also the fact that none of their death metal fans turned their backs on the band. Everybody loved the album and the band gained a lot of new fans.

Encouraged by the success they decided to perfect the direction they were now headed in and therefore it took 3 years until the follow up album “Tuonela“ was released. Another change this time around was that Tomi totally stopped singing and the few sinister parts were completed by Pasi. With an absolute uniqueness, “Tuonela” combines modern rock music with a Finnish character and with some 70ties psychedelic influences. This became the most successful AMORPHIS album to date and entered the German top 50 album charts.

Both following headline tours, one with labelmates THE KOVENANT in the USA, were huge successes and the band deserved a brake to write material for the next album.
Another reason for the break was the separation from bass player Olli-Pekka Laine, who left the band because of personal reasons. The other members were shocked. AMORPHIS was never a group based on opportunism, but true friends who made music together. Anyway, they had to continue and with ex-KYRIA bassist Niclas Etelävou they found a the perfect match.

In early spring of 2000 AMORPHIS entered the Finnvox Studio in Helsinki and together with producer Simon Efemy they started to put together the new album. The result was “Am Universum“, a record which cannot be topped with its beauty, intensity, relaxation and class.

Obviously AMORPHIS wouldn’t be AMORPHIS if they didn’t renew themselves. For one, you can for the first time hear more electronical sounds, and to hear a saxophone solo on a rock album is rather unusual as well...

After some time finding the right sound, AMORPHIS came back with the beautiful "Far From The Sun" album in 2003. On one hand the band returned back to their metal roots, on the other, the album was really relaxed and even revealed some PINK FLOYD-Influences. Many fans hailed the album as the best since the legendary "Elegy".

Some personal changes altered the face of the band. Long-time singer Pasi Koskinen left and Tomi Joutsen (SINISHTRA) joined. With a new singer and new energy, the band started working on the new album "Eclipse". And the new material is definitely a surprise! One step back, two steps forward and one step sideways – that’s the fascinating new and fresh style of AMORPHIS. "Tales From The Thousand Lakes" meets "Elegy" meets "Far From The Sun". Ten Songs full of melancholy and beautiful music which will please the fans, old and new. And yes, it’s true: The Grunts are back!

Do yourself and favour a give "Eclipse" the time it deserves!

Tomi Joutsen - Vocals
Tomi Koivusaari - Guitar
Esa Holopainen - Guitar
Niclas Etelävuori - Bass
Santeri Kallio - Keyboards
Jan Rechberger - Drums

1992 The Karelian Isthmus CD
1993 Privilege of Evil MCD
1994 Tales Of The Thousend Lakes CD
1995 Black Winter Day MCD
1996 Elegy CD
1997 My Kantele MCD
1999 Tuonela CD
2001 Am Universum CD
2003 Chapters (Best Of) CD
2003 Far From The Sun CD
2006 Eclipse CD

Track list Total runtime
1 - Two Moons 0:03
2 - House Of Sleep 0:04
3 - Leaves Scar 0:03
4 - Born From Fire 0:04
5 - Under A Soil And Black Stone 0:04
6 - Perkele (The God Of Fire) 0:03
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