VARG Rotkäppchen

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VARG - Rotkäppchen
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Limited edition deluxe DIN A5 mediabook with 20 pages.

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On their 2011 album "Wolfskult" the Bavarian wolf brigade known as VARG set right the rumors Brothers Grimm maliciously spread regarding Little Red Riding Hood. Contrary to the fairy tales, it was actually the wolf who was innocent, seduced by the petite wolf in sheep’s clothing, Little Red Riding Hood, and even pawned off the murder of her grandmother on him, like some poor sacrificial lamb. Its no wonder that in this explosive literary history and anthemic musical piece quickly became one of the band's crowd favorites, compelling them to lift their “Rotkäppchen” onto a podium and pay it the attention it has so long deserved.
The same could be said of their new EP, which should not be overlooked as only a segue to the upcoming full length album “Das Ende aller Lügen”. “Rotkäppchen” is rather a gem on its own. It is a magical interlude, which has some treasures hidden between his precious DIN A5-pages: between the classic version from 2011 and an instrumental karaoke-version you’ll find a version both in English (feat Christopher Bows of ALESTORM) and Norwegian (feat TROLLFEST), as well as a recent re-recording that, like on the original, features Anna Murphy of ELUVEITIE. The EP includes two brand-new songs “Ein Tag Wie Heute” (featuring Dom R. Crey of EQUILIBRIUM) and “Abendrot”, which won’t be found on “Das Ende aller Lügen”.

Philipp „Freki“ Seiler – Vocals/ Guitars
Patrick „Hati“ Zarske - Guitars
Martin „Skoll“ - Guitars
Timo „Managarm“ Schwämmlein – Bass/ Vocals
Silvester „Fenrier“ Grundmann - Drums

Track list Total runtime
1 - Rotkäppchen 2015 4:22
2 - Ein Tag wie heute 5:40
3 - Abendrot 2:59
4 - Red Riding Hood 4:21
5 - Rodhette 4:21
6 - Rotkäppchen 2011 4:22
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