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SCAR SYMMETRY The singularity (Phase 1 - neohumanity)

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SCAR SYMMETRY - The singularity (Phase 1 - neohumanity)
  • CD-Digi - 3.99 EUR
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  • Genre:Death Metal, Metalcore/Deathcore
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The first part of the conceptual trilogy by the prog-loving melodic death metal heroes as a limited digipak!

More info:

Founded back in 2004 when Jonas Kjellgren (CARNAL FORGE, CENTINEX, WORLD BELOW), Henrik Ohlsson (THEORY IN PRACTICE, MUTANT, ALTERED AEON), Per Nilsson (ALTERED AEON), Christian Älvestam (UNMOORED, INCAPACITY, TORCHBEARER) and Kenneth Seil decided to put together a brand new constellation that would express a fresh and heavy form of catchy death metal without any boundaries whatsoever, SCAR SYMMETRY now celebrate year ten of their outstanding carrier.

Nine years and five albums have passed since the bands’ debut »Symmetric In Design« popped up all of a sudden back in 2005 and three since their highly acclaimed 2011 masterpiece »The Unseen Empire«.

Now SCAR SYMMETRY are back and set for the release of a creation called »The Singularity (Phase I – Neohumanity)« which will be out on October 03 (EU), October 06 (UK & France) and October 14 (US) 2014 via Nuclear Blast and it is the first part of a concept album trilogy. The lyrics bring the listener beyond the event horizon of the technological singularity, where the ever-advancing breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, robotics, cryonics and cloning are bringing mankind to the verge of technocalypse and cybergeddon!

In their current incarnation there has been a line-up change as 2nd guitar player Jonas Kjellgren left SCAR SYMMETRY last year. In his absence, Per Nilsson has stepped up from being the co-producer to being the band's main producer and he is now the band's sole music composer. Additionally, Lars Palmqvist and Roberth Karlsson have grown considerably as vocalists and frontmen since joining the band back in 2008 - this is their 3rd album with SCAR SYMMETRY and their performances are bound to turn even the most stubborn sceptic around.

»The Singularity (Phase I – Neohumanity)« marks a new direction for SCAR SYMMETRY with Per Nilsson at the helm, moving the band on to a decidedly more progressive path, while keeping intact all of their trademark death metal sensibilities and larger-than-life melodic choruses.

Track list Total runtime
1 - The shape of things to come 0:52
2 - Neohuman 8:43
3 - Limits to infinity 4:57
4 - Cryonic harvest 6:12
5 - The spiral timeshift 4:50
6 - Children of the integrated circuit (Instrumental) 2:25
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