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NOVELISTS - Souvenirs
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Limited digipak. French progressive metalcore band Novelists will release their debut album on November 6th, titled Souvenirs and will be released via Arising Empire Records. Featuring members of BETRAYING THE MARTYRS!

More info:

After their foundation in Paris in early 2013 by the Durand brothers, NOVELISTS quickly joined forces with former A CALL TO SINCERITY members Matt, Charly and Nicolas and released their first single ‘Twenty Years’ already in April of the same year. Their fresh and distinguished sound was something the metal world didn’t expect. But this was only the beginning. The young band released 5 more singles and numerous videos within the next 10 months, culminating in the release of their Demo EP. By that time, in early 2014, NOVELISTS’ name and music had spread around the globe like a wildfire catching both the fans’ and the industry’s interest.  

While working with full force on the production of their first full length album, the demand for live shows was rising and lead NOVELISTS to play selected prestigious events like Euroblast Festival, Ghostfest, and Damage Fest, before the band embarked on a full scale European alongside I, THE BREATHER in late 2014.

Empowered by this new live experience NOVELISTS finished the production of their debut album in early 2015. It was time to raise the bar again and to increase the pressure even more. In March, the first single from the upcoming album, ‘Gravity’ was released as a video, gathering more than 100k plays in less than 4 weeks.

NOVELISTS had quickly become a rising star within the progressive metal scene, also with their first album »Souvenirs«.

Track list Total runtime
1 - Inanimate 2:01
2 - Earth grazer 3:27
3 - Gravity 4:52
4 - Antares 4:44
5 - Ouroboros 4:34
6 - Black lights 1:23
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