Astra symmetry

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MONKEY3 - Astra symmetry
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  • Genre:Doom/Stoner/70s
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Ambitious and innovative Psychedelic Stoner Rock!

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Ambitious and innovative Psychedelic Stoner Rock!

Roadburn, Hellfest, Desertfest – it`s pretty much impossible that you missed out on MONKEY3! The fourpiece from Lausanne, Switzerland have been blowing the minds of stoner and psych rock fans alike for the past 15 years: trippiness and groove are the cornerstones of their elegant yet powerful sound, and Astra Symmetry is your magic carpet ride! Decidedly cosmic instrumental music that loves melding heavy riffing with proggy keyboard landscapes – so buckle up and enjoy the ride!

Track list Total runtime
1 - Abyss 7:07
2 - Moon 5:29
3 - Endless Ocean 6:04
4 - The Water Bearer 5:34
5 - Crossroad 5:26
6 - Mirrors 4:28
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