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MNEMIC - Mnemesis
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  • Genre:Industrial Metal, Metalcore/Deathcore, Modern Metal/Rock, Progressive Rock/Metal
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The limited first pressing is released in digipak format and includes a bonus track.

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MNEMIC have always been known as a hard working band since the release of their fantastic debut “Mechanical Spin Phenomena“ back in 2003, which created a stir among bands such as DEFTONES, MACHINE HEAD or FEAR FACTORY and had a lasting effect on them. From day one, the Danish quintet insinuated that they’d simply refuse to be pigeon-holed by all the self-proclaimed connoisseurs of music and were about to create their very own metal subgenre. Their second successful output “The Audio Injected Soul“ in 2004 allowed them to play the “Orange Stage” at “Roskilde”, MTV’s “Rock Am Ring / Rock Im Park”, and many other renowned festivals. After the departure of their singer Michael Bogballe, Guillaume Bideau was introduced as the new front man, whose stunningly varied vocal abilities have contributed a lot to what MNEMIC is famous for today and allowed the band to shoot out another chef d'oeuvre in 2007, entitled “Passenger”. Having been ennobled as “one of METALLICAs favourite bands” because of their incomparable complexity and multifacetedness, they upped the ante once again with the prog-edged, groove filled, riff stuffed modern metal devastator “Sons Of The System” (2010).

What we’re facing in 2012 is a rebirth of sorts – with only Mircea and Guillaume remaining of the former line up, MNEMIC simultaneously present a new second guitarist, bassist and drummer. With that said, the sheer brilliancy of their fifth studio record “Mnemesis” becomes fully clear: Maintaining the trademark sound that has been shaped since the band’s inception in 1998 while incorporating innovative alterations in abundance at the same time – all that being done by an almost entirely renewed combo – undoubtedly bears witness to MNEMIC’s splendour. No matter what will come, MNEMIC will stay MNEMIC – with might and main!

Track list Total runtime
1 - Transcend 4:07
2 - Valves 4:04
3 - Junkies On The Storm 3:42
4 - I've Been You 4:10
5 - Pattern Platform 3:49
6 - Mnemesis 4:40
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