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Stoner meets Sludge – The unholy rebirth of HELHORSE!

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Stoner meets Sludge – The unholy rebirth of Helhorse!
When gnarly punk, pure metal and the swagger of hard rock meet, it can only mean one thing: the unholy rebirth of Helhorse! The Danes love to rock out with riffs heavier than Godzilla`s balls: Enter fourth album Hydra! This beast will lure you in with the stomping frenzy of Avalanche but can also bewitch you with epic stoner tunes such as Outcome Ruin. The rather melancholic Northern Lights provides the listener with the rare opportunity to catch his breath before Crystal Blades and co kick the madness off once more. The doomy and haunting album closer War Drums sends us out into the cold with new wisdom: We`ve just been part of one of the loudest, dirtiest and also most melodic riff fests of the year.

Track list Total runtime
1 - Overboard 4:41
2 - Avalanche 4:02
3 - Outcome: Ruin 5:06
4 - Cycle Of Vain Attempts 3:43
5 - Northern Lights 5:07
6 - Hydra 4:19
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