HATE Tremendum

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HATE - Tremendum
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  • Genre:Black Metal, Death Metal
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The limited first edition digipak incl. bonus track.

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Tremendum sets a new and strong opening for the well-known Polish extreme metal act HATE. You will re-discover the band and on a new level, as they seem to reach into different musical resources including progressive beats, ingenious song structures and a completely new sound, which is still authentically harsh and yet very powerful. HATE have refined their formula and have created an album that re-establishes them as a serious player on the scene. The material's title Tremendum (eeriness and the fear of the holy) refers to an archaic notion of holiness, which is both good and evil (But after listening to the first few minutes of HATE's brand new work, you will have absolutely no doubt which part of it this band represents!). Fast and well defined songs set a new standard in the band's songwriting. Beware! The amount of fierceness on the album is beyond anything HATE have ever done before, yet the structure of the songs let you submerge in them as soon as you press play.

Atf Sinner - Guitar, Vocals
Pavulon - Drums
Apeiron - Bass (live)
Domin - Guitar (live)

Track list Total runtime
1 - Asuric Being 5:47
2 - Indestructible Pillar 4:22
3 - Svarog's Mountain 5:05
4 - Numinosum 5:40
5 - Fidelis Ad Mortem 4:55
6 - Into Burning Gehenna 4:24
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