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"Zerfall" sees Black Forest Metal act FINSTERFORST return to the serious and elegiac soundscapes of classics as Mach Dich Frei (2015) on their fifth studio album, instead of the stylistic intermezzo of predecessor "#YOLO" (2016). The Germans' emotional brand of post black metal gives vent to endless rage with pounding riffs and astonishing orchestral elements ("Wut") – and then flows into the somber choirs of the title track. The centerpiece and culmination of it all has to be the 36-minute long (!) "Ecce Homo" though that unfolds into a majestic post metal journey crowning FINSTERFORST's songwriting career so far. A complex and mature piece of art that will mesmerize old and new fans alike.

Track list Total runtime
1 - Wut 13:39
2 - Zerfall 8:08
3 - Fluch des Seins 10:59
4 - Weltenbrand 9:48
5 - Ecce Homo 36:29
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