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ENTOMBED A.D. Back to the front MEDIABOOK

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ENTOMBED A.D. - Back to the front MEDIABOOK
  • CD-Digi - 11.99 EUR
  • Item number:232444
  • Version:CD-Digi
  • Genre:Death Metal
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The most important and influential Swedish death metal band has returned “Back To The Front” under the new name ENTOMBED A.D. and kicks your asses with new found power! The legacy lives on! From the morbid, pissed-off lyrics over down tuned massive riffs to the inimitable brick-heavy groove to L-G Petrov’s titanic roar, “Back To The Front” does only deliver musically but also visually with its stunning cover art painting by Necropolitus Cracoviensis Zbgniew Bielak II (Watain, Ghost, Vader) which sends a charming nod to the old school. 24-page mediabook plus bonus track.

Track list Total runtime
1 - Kill To Live 4:43
2 - Bedlam Attack 4:44
3 - Pandemic Rage 4:03
4 - Second To None 4:28
5 - Bait And Bleed 4:37
6 - Waiting For Death 2:57
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