Enslaved Hordanes land

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Enslaved - Hordanes land
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  • Genre:Black Metal, Viking/Pagan/Epic Metal
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Neuauflage der "Hordanes land" EP von ENSLAVED aus dem Jahr 1993, welche als wichtiger Meilenstein in der Entwicklung des Viking Metal gilt, kommt im limitierten Digipak inkl. remastertem Bonustrack "Enslaved".

More info:

By Norse Music reissue Enslaved's debut EP “Hordanes Land” plus a bonus track as a full-length release! First released in 1993 as a mini 12” LP, “Hordanes Land” was also released a few weeks later as a split CD album with Emperor and is considered a key release in the development of Viking metal.
The By Norse Music re-issue features exclusive liner notes and quotes by major figures of the Black metal scene such as Fenriz (Darkthrone), Sakis Tolis (Rotting Christ), Lee Barret (Candlelight) and Hrymr (Helheim) among others, the original songs entirely remastered by Iver Sandøy at Solslottet Studio (Bergen, Norway) and the bonus track “Enslaved”, from the Enslaved split with Satyricon “Yggdrasill”, released in 1992.

Track list Total runtime
1 - Slaget i skogen Bortenfor (Epilog / Slaget) 13:10
2 - Allfodr odínn 7:50
3 - Balför (Epilog) 9:49
4 - Enslaved (Bonus track) 6:08
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