DEVIL YOU KNOW They bleed red

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DEVIL YOU KNOW - They bleed red
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Limited digipak. The band recorded They Bleed Red with producer Josh Wilbur. “I’m just so excited for this new record,” says Artusato. “It’s a beast! I can’t wait to start playing the new material and the next tour with Five Finger Death Punch and Papa Roach in Europe this November is going to be massive!”

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A determined strength born of the tension between tragedy and ambition, the fight between creative satisfaction and musical abandon, and the might of collective experience have coalesced with powerful aggression and brilliant precision in DEVIL YOU KNOW.

DEVIL YOU KNOW began as a journey into the unknown, fashioned by a combustible chemistry that ignited a diverse collection of warm embers together as a bright new flame. The urgency of expectation and the bliss of exploration gave the world »The Beauty of Destruction.«
Now the fire rages as an unrivaled inferno, threatening all in its path.

Howard Jones (vocals), Francesco Artusato (guitars), John Sannkey (drums), and Ryan Wombacher (bass/backing vocals) deliver a dense monstrosity of technical prowess and angst-ridden passion. A deep interpersonal understanding and an evolving camaraderie set the stage for the unique confidence behind »They Bleed Red«, the band’s ferocious follow-up which extinguishes any so-called “sophomore slump” without mercy. It’s the sound of primal bloodlust. Produced by Josh Wilbur (AVENGED SEVENFOLD, LAMB OF GOD, KILLER BE KILLED), »They Bleed Red« is a breakneck paced trip through DEVIL YOU KNOW’s broken psyche, struggles with anxiety, and ultimate triumph against adversity, all laid upon a foundation of high-level artistic achievement and vitriolic full throttle heavy metal fury.

The four men of the group who took home Best New Artist at Metal Hammer’s Golden Gods Awards in 2014 share legions of fans, millions of albums sold, and multiple geographical origin points between them. Their coming together results in music that is dense, angry, forceful, and brimming with raw urgency. DEVIL YOU KNOW forged a new identity that won’t sacrifice the importance of deliberate, engaging songwriting or the brute force of impassioned performance.

Jones, of course, fronted KILLSWITCH ENGAGE during the most critically and commercially successful era of the trailblazing band’s career, as fans around the world deeply connected with his commanding screams and richly immersive melodic power. His voice powered gold certified genre landmarks »End Of Heartache« (2004) and »As Daylight Dies« (2006), and is now armed with newly expressive dynamics. Artusato graduated Summa Cum Laude from Berklee College Of Music and is revered as an accomplished solo artist in virtuoso circles while holding down the lead guitar position in deathcore innovators ALL SHALL PERISH. The Italian-born guitarist co-founded DEVIL YOU KNOW with Australian transplant Sankey, best known for his work with DEVOLVED, DIVINE HERESY, and FEAR FACTORY. Ryan Wombacher, who spent a decade recording and touring as bassist/backing vocalist and core member of BLEEDING THROUGH, rounds out their accomplished line-up.

»The Beauty Of Destruction« was produced by ex-MACHINE HEAD guitarist Logan Mader (GOJIRA, FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH) and mixed by Zeuss (ROB ZOMBIE, QUEENSRYCHE, HATEBREED). The album cracked Billboard’s Top 50, introducing fan favorite anthems like 'Seven Years Alone,' 'It’s Over,' and 'As Bright As The Darkness.'

»They Bleed Red« however boasts a muscular and triumphant sound. 'Consume the Damned' is perhaps the fastest, most aggressive song of DEVIL YOU KNOW‘s burgeoning songbook, with a tinge of the hardcore background inherent in half of their lineup. 'Let the Pain Take Hold' sounds like nothing Jones has sung before, while 'I’m Alive' is uncharted territory for all of them, blending powerful pathos with textured acoustic guitars. While the band calls Wilbur something of an additional member, the production resists the urge to be too “perfect,” opting instead to capture the truth of the band’s delivery.

A journey through rage, despair, and every emotion in between, DEVIL YOU KNOW represents the most assured, impassioned, authentic, and versatile work of each of the band members’ careers thus far. What’s most exciting of all? DEVIL YOU KNOW has just gotten started.

Track list Total runtime
1 - Consume the damned 3:37
2 - The way we die 3:31
3 - Your last breath 4:30
4 - Stay of execution 3:39
5 - Break the ties 4:39
6 - Shattered silence 4:15
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