TROLLFEST Kaptein Kaos

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TROLLFEST - Kaptein Kaos
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The bonus DVD boasts a making of and tour videos from HEIDENFEST and PAGANFEST!

More info:

Ten years of TROLLFEST – ten years of folk metal, energetic live shows, heaviness and lots of naughty fun!!! When the Norwegians got together at the Oslo University in 2004, they – and the rest of the world – believed in a small hobby: but in 2014, after six longplayers and tons of tours all over the planet, we`re all a bit smarter!

Especially the 2012 release “Brumlebassen” saw TROLLFEST`s fan base explode and reach over Europe`s borders. Under the banner of „Misbeehaving in America“ the band joined the 2013 PAGANFEST USA trek alongside Ensiferum, Tyr und Heidevolk.

But TROLLFEST`s secret to success ain`t only their brilliant and often costume-laden live shows – what makes the band so long-lived and unique is their incredible sound fusion consisting of metal, folk from pretty much every country imaginable and world music. This hefty cocktail is topped off with lyrics penned in the fictitious „Trollsprak“ – a healthy mix of Norwegian, German and Trollish!

Their sixth album “Kaptein Kaos” is expected to appear on NoiseArt Records on March 28. Recorded at the dUb Studio in Oslo and at the “Trollskogen Recording Facilities”, the album has been mixed by Endre Kirkesola. Once again, the striking artwork is by Swedish Cartoonist Jonas Darnell and design Terje Johnsen, both long-time collaborators of the band.

Like previous albums, ”Kaptein Kaos” is set in a fantasy world of trolls. It tells the story of the Kaptein Kaos, who, according to the band ”is an inventor who creates a time machine and goes on an expedition across time to see some sights, taste some stuff and has some fun in ways that are exclusively available to people with time machines”. Musically though, it seems that this time TROLLFEST have slightly changed direction. “Blastbeats and screaming” says the band “have given way to juicy rock grooves and rich melody lines, and the world music influence, which has been our trademark both in our use of instruments as well as melodies, has expanded to include tango rhythms, Asian and Scandinavian folk music as well, of course, as our Eastern European influences for which we are known.”

KORPIKLAANI’s Jonne Järvelä praises the album: "TROLLFEST are even more catchy, more melodic and more twisted than ever with their new ”Kaptein Kaos” album. I really like its (good way) sick arrangements and instrumentation. Vocals are extremely variable and I never heard anything like this before. My personal highlight on the album is a song called ”Solskinnsmedisin”. Unbelievable album!"

The limited edition digipak will include a high quality bonus DVD featuring an album making-of as well as reports from Paganfest and Heidenfest with a total playing time of 111 min.

In April, TROLLFEST will embark on their first European headliner tour ever – with support from Finsterforst and Cryptic Forest.

Trollmannen - Vocals
Mr. Seidel - Guitar
Manskow - Accordion
Drekka Dag - Saxophone
Trollbank - Drums
Dr.Leif Kjønnsfleis - Guitar
Lodd Bolt – Bass

Willkommen Folk Tell Drekka Fest!! CD (2005)
Brakebein CD (2006)
Villanden CD (2008)
Uraltes Elemente EP (2009)
En Kvest For Den Hellige Gral CD (2011)
Brumlebassen CD (2012)
Kaptein Kaos CD + DVD (2014)

Disc 1
Track list Total runtime
1 - Trolltramp 2:29
2 - Kaptein Kaos 3:35
3 - Vulkan 4:06
4 - Ave Maria 4:28
5 - Filzlaus Verkündiger 1:23
6 - Die Grosse Echsen 3:43
Show all Tracks
Disc 2
Track list Total runtime
1 - The Making Of Kaptein Kaos
2 - Heidenfest Tourvideo
3 - Paganfest Tour Video
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