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Volume? Auf die sprichwörtliche 11, bitte! Denn bereits seit 1998 sorgt das Quintett aus Wales mit seiner einzigartigen Mischung aus Core, Dub, Reggae und Funk dafür, dass kein Bein mehr am Boden, kein Shirt trocken – und kein Nacken steif bleiben. Da macht das sechste Studioalbum Volume keine Ausnahme und schlägt weiterhin tiefe Furchen ins Kerbholz. Während die Crossover-Schiene in den letzten Jahren gewaltig Staub angesetzt hat, donnert dieser Güterzug immer noch mit massig Kohlen im Kessel querbeet, dass schließlich kein Gänseblümchen mehr steht: Mit wuchtigem Nu Metal-Geshredde, groovenden Beats, Dub- und Elektro-Einschüben und der stimmlichen Diversität von Frontmann Benji Webbe drücken die quirligen Insulaner auch weiterhin erbarmungslos auf Hammer, Amboss und Steigbügel. Wem Soulfly mittlerweile zu eintönig und Korn zu wenig kompromisslos sind, der hat mit Skindred das passend krachende Klang-Potpourri gefunden, starke Hooklines inklusive. In dem Sinne: Keep turning it up!

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Volume? Turn it up to the proverbial 11, if you will! Since 1998, the quintet from Wales, Skindred has been responsible for their own unique blend of Core, Dub, Reggae and Funk. This is the main reason that no leg is kept on the ground, no shirt dry, and no neck not stiff from headbanging. And with their sixth studio album Volume, there is absolutely no exception! With its massive Nu-Metal style guitar shredding, grooving beats, dub and electro inserts, and the vocal diversity of frontman Clive “Benji” Webbe (ex-Dub War), these islanders continue to hit hammer, anvil, and stirrup mercilessly with songs like Volume's title track, as well as "Under Attack" and "Hit The Ground". All those who think Soulfly now too monotonous, or Korn too compromising, need only look to Skindred's new album 'Volume' to bring what somehow seems lost from the Nu-Metal genre!

Rude Boys For Life DVD:
Rude Boys For Life offers a revealing and exclusive behind-the-scenes look at one of rock music’s best live bands. Taken from over 1000 hours of footage filmed by the band over their 17 year career, Skindred’s Rude Boys For Life chronicles the band’s rise: through the making of all six studio albums, including the new album Volume, to exclusive, unseen, behind the scenes footage of five world tours - their days starting off touring the USA in a van, to the birth of the now infamous Newport Helicopter at Download Festival 2011, culminating in their headline set in front of a million people at Polish Woodstock.

Rude Boys Fro Life is a must for any true Skindred fan to gain unparalleled access into the band’s life on the road, and hear them talk candidly about the highlights, the pitfalls, and how they’ve maintained inter-band relationships over the course of their career to date.

Benji Webbe: Vocals
Mikey Demus: Guitars
Dan Pugsley: Bass
Arya Goggin: Drums
Dan Sturgess: DJ

Track list
01. Under Attack
02. Volume
03. Hit The Ground
04. Shut Ya Mouth
05. I
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