THERION Beloved antichrist DIGIBOOK

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THERION - Beloved antichrist DIGIBOOK
  • 3CD-Digi - 19.99 EUR
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Inkl. 48-seitigem Booklet.

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When 15 year old prodigy Christofer Johnsson founded THERION as a death metal band in 1987, little did he know that exactly 30 years later he would put the final touches to a project that will go down in history as symphonic metal’s most ambitious release. While ‘rock operas’ are no longer an unusual concept, this term will now receive a new meaning when the curtain opens for Johnsson’s lifelong creation: »Beloved Antichrist« is the title of his spectacular brainchild, consisting of 3 full-length CDs. It is more than just a concept album; it’s a complete rock opera unveiling a sweeping story inspired by Vladímir Soloviov "A Short Tale Of The Antichrist".

With an incredible total of 30 different roles and characters, who all required a unique voice, THERION hired not only a big choir, but also multiple male and female soloists to bring the epic story to life. With long-time collaborators like Thomas Vikström, Lori Lewis and Chiara Malvestiti, fans will hear the band’s classical vibe but also be able to drown in a magical maelstrom of many new voices.

Divided into 3 acts, the opera reaches a full length of three and a half hours and is not divided into typical ‘songs’, but chapters and scenes, where different storylines take place in various environments. Those following THERION’s history during the past few years will be aware that Christofer’s vision of creating a rock opera has long time been haunting his mind and can now be considered a true lifetime achievement.

Disc 1
Track list Total runtime
1 - Trun from heaven 3:06
2 - Where will you go? 2:15
3 - Through dust, through rain 5:01
4 - Signs are here 4:21
5 - Never again 2:20
6 - Bring her home 3:59
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Disc 2
Track list Total runtime
1 - The arrival of Apollonius 5:06
2 - Pledging loyalty 2:56
3 - Night reborn 3:57
4 - Dagger of God 3:32
5 - Tmeple of New Jerusalem 4:01
6 - The lions roar 3:43
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Disc 3
Track list Total runtime
1 - Shoot them down! 3:49
2 - Beneath the starry skies 4:26
3 - Forgive me 9:41
4 - The wasteland of my heart 3:24
5 - Burning the palace 8:22
6 - Prelude to war 0:38
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