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BLOOD GOD Rock 'n' Roll warmachine

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BLOOD GOD - Rock 'n' Roll warmachine
  • 3CD-Digi - 6.99 EUR
  • Item number:264965
  • Version:3CD-Digi
  • Genre:Hardrock, Heavy/True/Power/Speed Metal
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Der limitierte Dreifach-Digipak inkl. "Thunderbeast", "Blood is my trademark" und "No brain but balls" plus Bonustracks.

More info:

The Rock'n'Roll Warmachine is rising. And it demands blood! But who would expected something else when Debauchery mastermind Thomas Gurrath has his infamous fingers in the pie? Notorious border crosser that he is, he is famed for his explicit live shows, looked us straight into the eyes from the cover page of Germany's leading gutter press BILD as a result of his controversial ban from teachership and used every free minute of the last decade to play gigs and festivals. Since 2003, the extreme music scene had to learn but one thing: Wherever he shows up, scantily dressed women, liters of booze and burning concert pits are never far away. As is the case this time: Not long after his brutal Debauchery assault FUCK HUMANITY, he wades on through this ocean of blood and body parts as a prophet to declare the will of a new lord: The Blood God is coming. His kingdom come, his will be done!

This time around, however, Death Metal is not on the menu: Thought as the follower of Gurrath's
Hard Rock project Big Ball, Blood God unites the musician's most prominent preferences: Sweaty, over-the-top Heavy Rock, booze and women... lots of women! Rock'n'Roll Warmachine therefore, is a more than apt name for a CD compilation of the three Blood God albums THUNDERBEAST (2016), BLOOD IS MY TRADEMARK (2014) and NO BRAIN BUT BALLS (2012). On top you get eight bonus tracks including a cover of Judas Priest's mighty Painkiller. The songs are firmly rooted in the tradition of legends like Accept and AC/DC and are spreading a crystal clear message with their masculine, biting riffs: Turn off your fucking brains and party like there is no tomorrow!

Slow headbangers like „Blowjob Barbie“ stand side by side with fast neckbreckers like „Heavy Metal Monsternaut“. NWOBHM guitar melodies like „Warhordes from the Underworld“ and straight Riff Rock like „Bullet to the Head“ rotate. For Blood God, the rock'n'roll dream has not become a cliché, a set phrase devoid of meaning. Blood God is dead serious – and that never was so much fun before!

Disc 1
Track list Total runtime
1 - Crusaders of God 4:33
2 - Bullet to the head 3:12
3 - City of bones 3:53
4 - Vampire holocaust 3:36
5 - Girl to adore 3:05
6 - Super hot vampire lady 3:09
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Disc 2
Track list Total runtime
1 - Slaughterman 6:24
2 - Monstermaker 6:18
3 - Defenders of the throne of fire 4:45
4 - Warhordes from the underworld 4:34
5 - Carnager 4:42
6 - Sexy music for sexy people 3:43
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Disc 3
Track list Total runtime
1 - Blowjob Barbie 3:49
2 - Womanizer 4:03
3 - Nasty lover 3:34
4 - Stupid but sexy 3:04
5 - This woman makes me crawl 4:04
6 - No brain but balls 3:37
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