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»HUMAN. :II: NATURE.« by Nightwish as double CD, 24 page booklet incl.

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Imagine the cave where music was born. In the introduction to their 9th studio album "HUMAN. II: NATURE.", NIGHTWISH take us all the way back to this ancient place and time when bashing rocks became rhythm and voice turned into harmonies. In the course of the millennia, this amazing cultural achievement evolved via Bach and Beethoven into blues, rock and heavy metal – a mental journey that the Finns trace in their upcoming full-length’s first song, ‘Music’.

This opening track features all the elements that NIGHTWISH have fused into their own unmistakable sound ever since the band came to life in the small Karelian town of Kitee in 1996. The thematic fields of "humanity", "nature" and "technology", "art" and "music" run as a red thread through "HUMAN. II: NATURE," which is explicitly not a concept album. Therefore, it is only fitting that the first single ‘Noise’ – and the breath-taking video clip created around it, self-ironically take up the theme of the digitalised human.

To conclude, "HUMAN. II: NATURE." is a musical bag of magic, which is filled with unexpected twists and turns stylistically ranging from rock to metal, from folk rock to the neo-classical – yet every second sounds 100% NIGHTWISH. Goose bumps are a certainty and an incredible wealth of detail promises exciting voyages of discovery, which will still yield hidden treasures after years of intensive listening, and still allow us to find hidden secrets. It does not take a prophet to predict that the Finns will add more precious metal to their impressive collection of 25 platinum and 20 gold certifications with this future classic.

Disc 1
Track list Total runtime
1 - Music 7:23
2 - Noise 5:40
3 - Shoemaker 5:19
4 - Harvest 5:13
5 - Pan 5:18
6 - How's the heart? 5:02
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Disc 2
Track list Total runtime
1 - All the works of nature which adron the world - 1. Vista 3:59
2 - All the works of nature which adron the world - 2. The blue 3:35
3 - All the works of nature which adron the world - 3. The green 4:42
4 - All the works of nature which adron the world - 4. Moors 4:44
5 - All the works of nature which adron the world - 5. Aurorae 2:07
6 - All the works of nature which adron the world - 6. Quiet as the snow 4:05
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